• Learn in Longcheng

    Outdoor sports can set free of employees from the heavy daily work so that they can put aside the pressure and release themselves for the moment.

    In Longcheng, for every employee, learning is the driving force for personal growth and career development; in Longcheng, there are skills, educational and vocational trainings at different levels to meet the employees' desire of learning; a sound lifelong learning system is one of the key projects of enterprise HR; the establishment of employee growth path which enables employees to grow and develop together with the enterprise will become the basis for the enterprise to sustain development.

    Join Longcheng, whether you are at basic level or in technical or management positions, the company will orchestrate different categories of vocational skills training. You will have the option to enhance the technical level, such as the training of all senior workers and technicians; you will get to upgrade their qualifications, including training programs from junior college to postgraduate; you will get different categories of professional operation guidance, including quality, technology , production and system; you will have the quality training, including the quality development, business etiquette, management skills, leadership and other kinds of quality training. The trainings are not limited by categories and methods. There are a wealth of internal training, external training, campus training and other projects.

    Learn in LongchengIn Longcheng, more than 30 employees obtained intermediate skills certification through skills training, 68 employees acquired advanced skills certification, and 16 employees got technician qualification.